Val Zavala  

I have tried so many different skincare lines hoping that they would do what they promised to do. NONE of them worked. I tried DERMASPORT and was immediately hooked. I noticed that my skin felt cleaner than ever before, skin tightened and my pores shrunk. The most amazing thing was that the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes went away! As a runner, I sweat a lot and am constantly in the sun. My sun spots are starting to diminish as well!
Val Zavala, runner


Phillip Allard  

"I have been using DERMASPORT for a while now and can say that as a 43 yr. old guy, I never thought I would look forward to washing my face, spraying the toner, and using the moisturizer and eye cream! I have noticed a huge difference in my skin!"
Phillip Allard
triathlete and mountain biker

Jody Green  

I have been using the new DERMASPORT product over the last few days morning and night. All I can say is it's AMAZING! My skin feels super smooth skin and absolutely fantastic- super hydrated and no more puffy eyes! Love this skincare system! Trust me I have tried it all-- from products that cost hundreds to drug store recommendations. DERMASPORT by far is producing the results I desire!
Jody Green
Fashion & Beauty Brand Manager
spin enthusiast

Jim Brown   "The first thing I noticed when I started using DERMASPORT was how easy and clean it went on and more importantly, washed off. So many of the other face washes leave this greasy residue you need a Brillo pad to get off. Not so with DERMASPORT . It left my face feeling clean and refreshed. Starting my day very early I want something that goes on fast and cleans off even faster and that has been DERMASPORT face wash! It's the only face wash I'll use now!!"
Jim Brown
fishing enthusiast
    " I have struggled with terrible skin following a stomach infection that took over a year to diagnose. Granted I have been doing everything I can to clear up my skin, changing my diet to organic foods, no dairy or soy, etc. literally regenerating new skin to replace the old skin...I have come along way and I have hope that I will again have healthy skin. In using DERMASPORT for the last week I have achieved the best results to date. I love the skincare products, my skin looks really, really good."
Laura Agcaoili
Erica Krystek   " I absolutely love this face wash and cannot say enough good things about it. Over the years, I have tried everything from natural over-the-counter brands to pricey Sephora stuff for my slightly oily, acne-prone skin and this quite honestly the best face wash I have EVER used. It lathers easily, feels great on my skin and removes dirt, sweat and make-up easily (plus it smells great!) But most importantly it has noticeably cleared, brightened, hydrated and evened my skin tone, which is pretty amazing just for a wash alone. I'm kind of in love.."
Erica Krystek
Creative Director, LAVA Magazine


"Being a triathlete and active in general my skin is exposed to all sorts of harsh conditions- sun, wind, snow, chlorine, salt water, and extreme cold. Taking good care of your face doesn't have to be a luxury- DERMASPORT offers a great complete line of products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and eye cream) at an affordable price. Since starting to use it I've really noticed my face being smoother just healthier looking in general. Our bathroom counter is usually covered with products for my wife and kids. But DERMASPORT is the one thing that my life lets me keep by the sink."
Eric Oberg

" I love the Dermasport line of skincare! I have sensitive skin and the cleanser is very gentle, but leaves my skin feeling clean. The moisturizer is lightweight and absorbs quickly. A little bit goes a long way, too! I've seen a noticeable improvement in my undereye circles and fine lines. As a busy and active mom, I appreciate a line of skincare that is simple, easy, and effective. It smells great, too!"
Christie Oberg

SBR Sports, Inc.
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