Olympian swimmer Elizabeth Beisel recommends Dermasport to treat and prevent goggle marks to her fellow swimmers.T

How to Prevent Goggle Marks

Christopher Schmidt, MD

Christopher Schmidt, MD

Co-Founder & Dermatologist


For swimmers, goggle marks have long been a symbol of dedication to the sport. Yet, outside the pool deck, these marks, often called "raccoon eyes" or goggle rings, can be a nuisance, especially for people who swim before work or class.

Let’s dive into the root causes of this issue and explore ways to prevent and treat goggle marks. 

What Causes Goggle Marks

The short answer is pressure. For swimming goggles to work properly, they need to create a tight seal around the eyes to prevent water from seeping in. When the goggles press down on your face, they displace the blood and fluid within your skin tissue. After you take off your goggles, that pressure leaves a temporary yet visible impression on the skin until the blood and fluid are restored to the affected area. 

Why Do Goggle Marks Get Worse As I Get Older

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Consequently, goggle marks tend to appear more pronounced and linger for longer. 

How to Prevent Goggle Marks

Adjusting the fit of your goggles is the easiest way to prevent the appearance of goggle marks. You want to find the right balance between comfort and a secure, leak-proof fit. Avoid over-tightening the straps, as this can increase pressure on the skin.

For competitive swimmers, I recommend tightening your goggles before races and then loosening them back up for practice.

Another preventive measure to consider is larger swimmer goggles. Compared to thinner racing goggles, larger swimming goggles have a broader surface area, which reduces pressure on the skin.

How to Treat Goggle Marks

Reduce goggle marks with Dermasport's Eye Cream for swimmers.

Restoring the natural flow of blood to the affected area is the best way to reduce the appearance of goggle marks. By gently massaging the skin with an eye cream, you can stimulate circulation and help alleviate the indentations and discoloration.

Eye creams containing restorative ingredients such as Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and citric acid are typically the most effective. Niacinamide, in particular, aids in blood vessel dilation and skin plumping, causing the marks to disappear more rapidly.

For a targeted approach to treating goggle marks, consider Dermasport's Eye Cream. Specially formulated for aquatic athletes and recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin, our product harnesses the power of niacinamide and citric acid, integral components of our proprietary Ageless Recovery Complex (ARC).

Add Dermasport's Eye Cream to your post-swim and daily skincare routine to give yourself a brighter, healthier glow. It will minimize the visible effects of goggle marks and dark circles so you can swim beautifully for a lifetime.

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