Conquering Chlorine Rash: A Dermatologist's Guide for Swimmers

Conquering Chlorine Rash: A Dermatologist's Guide for Swimmers

Christopher Schmidt, MD

Christopher Schmidt, MD

Co-Founder & Dermatologist


Your skin is your first line of defense against harmful chemicals found in the pool. Whether you're racing for gold or are brand new to the sport, you've probably encountered a common nuisance in your aquatic pursuits - chlorine rash. In this post, we'll unpack what chlorine rash is and introduce you to the Dermasport skincare line - your new ally in combating skin irritation and promoting healthy skin. 

What is Chlorine Rash?

Chlorine rash is a type of dermatitis that occurs when your skin reacts to chlorine found in swimming pools. Symptoms may include itching, redness, inflammation, and the appearance of small blisters or hives. As much as chlorine is necessary to kill bacteria in the pool, it can also disrupt the skin's natural moisture balance, leading to dryness and irritation.

Preventing Chlorine Rash

A key player in preventing chlorine rash water-resistant mineral sunscreen like Dermasport's SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen. This mineral-based sunscreen doesn't just shield you from harmful UV rays; it also provides a hydrophobic barrier between your skin and the pool water. This barrier plays a crucial role in keeping chlorine at bay, thereby reducing the likelihood of developing dry skin and chlorine rash.

Calm Down Irritated Skin after Swimming 

 After swimming, you'll want a gentle cleanser to remove chlorine and other pool chemicals without stripping away your skin's natural oils. There is no better option than Dermasport's Gentle Facial Cleanser, which uses special dechlorinators and botanicals that meticulously clean away the irritants and calm the skin to prevent further irritation.  

Chlorine Rash Treatment and Recovery 

Recovery is just as important as protection for your skin's health. That's where Dermasport's Facial Moisturizer and Eye Cream come in. These products are specially formulated to restore your skin's barrier function - a healthy barrier is paramount to protect your skin from chemicals encountered in the pool. By strengthening this barrier, Dermasport ensures your skin looks and feels good, all while providing the much-needed resilience against chlorine.

Don't let chlorine rash hamper your love for swimming. Turn to Dermasport, the skincare partner trusted by Olympians Nathan Adrian and Elizabeth Beisel, and start swimming with healthy skin! 
We're on a mission to raise awareness and educate swimmers on proper skin protection, and we hope you'll join us on this journey


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